Sheera Recipe (Wheat Flour Sheera) – Gujarati Recipe

This tasty as well as healthy sweet sheera recipe is made from whole wheat flour. Its a sweet whole wheat flour pudding made in all parts of Gujarat and India. In Gujarat this whole wheat flour sheera is also served with puris on occasion like Navratri, Deewali. In Maharashtra this sheera is called as kankecha (atta / wheat flour)sheera . Many people add jaggery in place of sugar to make this sheera more nutritious.

Important while making sheera:
he important task while making sheere is roasting of whole wheat flour. If you don’t roast it properly this sheera becomes sticky. You can also make this sheera with coarsely ground wheat flour (gheu ka mota atta).
Wheat Sheera Recipe
Prep Time: 0-5 minutes
Cook Time: 21-25 minutes
Serve: 4
Level Of Cooking: Easy
Taste: Sweet

Ingredients for Wheat Sheera Recipe:
1) Whole wheat flour (atta) 1½ cup
2) Powdered sugar 1 cup
3) Ghee ½ cup
4) Green cardamom powder ½ teaspoon
5) Rose water 1 tablespoon
6) Mixed nuts chopped 2 tablespoons

* Pour four cups water into a deep non-stick pan. Add powdered sugar and cook till the sugar melts.
* Heat ghee in another non-stick pan, add whole wheat flour and saute for eight to ten minutes on low heat.
* Add sugar syrup, little by little, and mix continuously. Add green cardamom powder and mix well.
* Switch off heat and add rose water and mix well.
* Transfer into a serving bowl and sprinkle nuts. Serve hot with pooris.

This sheera is easy to digest and is considered a health food.